Compare unbiased real-time battery performance data

Our battery performance testing takes place in a climate controlled building at the Canberra Institute of Technology, and will run for three years. The testing involves cycling each battery three times each day so that over the life of the trial the performance of each battery would be expected to degrade as much as nine year old battery in a typical setting.

The testing commenced in June 2016 with eight batteries including six lithium-ion batteries, one conventional lead acid battery and one advanced lead battery.

In June 2017 a second phase of testing commenced with ten additional batteries, including eight lithium-ion products, a zinc-bromide flow battery and a aqueous hybrid ion battery.

All batteries were shortlisted because they are commercially available and cover a spectrum of prices and chemistry variants. To ensure independence all batteries were purchased at full retail prices, primarily from third party distributors. ARENA’s contribution to both phases of the project will amount to $870,000.


  • Battery performance in a range of high and low temperatures
  • Reliability
  • Changes to battery storage capacity over time
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Comparison of battery performance against manufacturers’ claims




Data for each battery is recorded Real Time and can be viewed through the website here. Reports are completed every six months with a review of the data and can be found here.