Tesla Powerwall


The Tesla Powerwall is a 6.4 kWh NMC lithium-ion (NMC) battery pack and BMS, manufactured by Tesla in the USA. The Powerwall incorporates Panasonic battery cells into a high voltage battery, designed to be wall mounted.

Panasonic are one of the largest lithium-ion cell producers in the world, and the Tesla Powerwall is an early market leader for lithium-ion batteries in RAPS and grid-connect systems.

Battery Name Powerwall
Technology Class Li-ion NMC
Voltage 350-450V
Maximum Discharge Rate 3.3 kW
Rated Capacity (@ 100% DOD) 6.4 kWh
Recommended DOD 100%
Weight 97 kg
Size 205 L

The Powerwall has been installed with a SolarEdge battery inverter, that will charge and discharge the battery.

Tesla’s Powerwall website can be accessed via the following link: