Sony Fortelion


1.2 kWh Fortelion storage and control modules are manufactured by electronics giant Sony in Japan/China. Storage modules incorporate LFP cells, and are designed to be server rack mounted, and require one control module per 16 (or less) storage modules. Fortelion battery technology is marketed as high power (2C), high safety, and long-lifetime (80% SOH after 6000 cycles @ 100% DOD).

Sony was the first company to commercially produce a lithium ion cell (LCO) for portable electronics, while their LFP Fortelion cell was released in 2009.

Battery Name Fortelion IJ1001M
Technology Class Li-ion LFP
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Maximum Charge Rate 1C (24A)
Maximum Discharge Rate 2C (50A)
Rated Capacity (@ 100% DOD) 24 Ah (1.2 kWh) @ C3
Recommended DOD 100%
Weight (ex. racking) 17 kg
Size (ex. racking) 14.5 L

For the purposes of the trial, 8 x 24 Ah (1.2 kWh) modules have been connected in parallel to allow for total capacity of 192 Ah (9.6 kWh). The battery bank is connected to an SMA Sunny Island inverter that will charge/discharge the batteries.