Samsung SDI


The AIO 10.8 is an all-in-one PV and battery inverter, manufactured by Samsung SDI in South Korea. The unit is available in 3.6/7.2/10.8 kWh capacity. The battery is lithium-ion NMC chemistry manufactured in-house by Samsung SDI, one of the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers globally.

Technology Class Li-ion NMC
Nominal Voltage 180 VDC
Rated Capacity (@ 100% DOD) 10.8 kWh
Recommended DOD 90%
Weight (inc. racking/inverter) 239 kg
Size (inc. racking/inverter) 383 L

The in-built Samsung inverter will charge and discharge the battery throughout the trial.

Samsung SDI’s ESS website can be accessed via the following link: