Ecoult UltraFlex



The UltraFlex is a 48 V battery bank & BMS provided by Ecoult. The technology is considered to be   advanced lead-acid   because the negative electrode of a traditional lead-acid battery is enhanced with a carbon treatment to create an ultracapacitor within each cell that changes the chemistry and performance to allow the battery to operate in continuous partial SOC, where internal resistance is lower.

The UltraBattery technology was invented by Australia’s CSIRO and is now commercialised by Ecoult in Australia, Furukawa Battery Company in Japan, and East Penn Manufacturing in the US. The batteries for the UltraFlex system are manufactured in East Penn’s manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania and the BMS, software and racking is designed and made in Australia.

Battery Name Ecoult UltraFlex
Technology Class Advanced Lead Acid
Nominal Voltage 48V
Maximum Charge Rate 13.9 kW
Maximum Discharge Rate 13.9 kW
Rated Capacity (@ 100% DOD) 14.1 kWh @ C10 9.9 kWh @ 1C
Recommended DOD 60% (twice daily cycling), 50% (accelerated testing)
Weight (inc. racking) 771 kg
Size (inc. racking) 840 L (cabinet holds up to 28.2 kWh)

The unit is connected to an SMA Sunny Island inverter that will charge/discharge the batteries.