The CALB CA100 is a 3.2V 100Ah cell manufactured by the China Aviation Lithium Battery Company. CALB is a state-owned Chinese corporation that was established in 2007. CALB cells are LFP technology, marketed as a safe, high-rate battery.

Size (ex. racking)2.1 L

Cell Name CA100
Technology Class Li-ion LFP
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Maximum Charge Rate 1C (100A)
Maximum Discharge Rate 2C (200A)
Rated Capacity (@ 100% DOD) 100 Ah (320 Wh) @ C3
Recommended DOD 80%
Weight (ex. racking) 3.4 kg
Size (ex. racking) 2.1 L

For the purposes of the trial, cells have been connected for a total capacity of 200Ah at a nominal voltage of 51.2 V. The battery cells are monitored & balanced by an external BMS manufactured by REC in Slovenia. The REC BMS is connected to the SMA Sunny Island inverter that will charge/discharge the batteries.

CALB’s website can be accessed via the following link: